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Addressing Emojis and Profanity

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It was brought to the Admin's attention that there is a middle finger emoji available on some Operating Systems and Devices. Under no circumstances are the words or symbols that mean, evoke, refer, or elude to that term ever allowed to be used on the forum. Also, no personal attacks are permitted, and if you are ever in a situation where you feel someone stepped out of line, do not respond personally . . . contact a Moderator privately and request help. The public thread is not the place for personal attacks and/or strong or foul language, terms or graphics. Bottom line - Please refrain from using foul language, profanity or swearing of any kind on the forum.
The USMF staff thanks you for understanding. We are just trying to keep the forum a nice place to be and somewhere that members from all walks of life enjoy spending their time.




RULE 2.0 - General Policy


All members are encouraged to be on their very best behavior and use good etiquette in all of their communications at USMF. Childish behavior is strongly discouraged; at all times, members are expected to behave in an adult-like manner. Members failing to use proper etiquette could be permanently banned.


RULE 2.2 - Fighting


Not everything is black and white, so disagreements happen. In fact, here at USMF disagreements and discussions regarding these disagreements are encouraged. Some of the most valuable information can be gained in threads where various members disagree about a point and post information supporting their point of view. However, members who disagree and, in an effort to support their point of view, turn to personal attacks or other inappropriate behavior run the risk of being temporarily suspended or even banned.

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