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Hello.  I’ve been seriously filling out my collection for 2-3 years now, and just wondering how rare the USMC air wing insignia are?  Using C. Brown’s and R. Smith’s books as references, I’m aware of 5 designs in the older shield shape, and 5 designs in the diamond shape.  The 5 designs being HQ and Wings 1-4.  I’m ignoring the rare 4th Wing variation with the bomb (for this conversation, anyway).


I have all the shields except IV, and of the diamonds, only the III. These don’t seem to come up on EBay very often, at least not the FE WWII variants.  Are these highly sought after?  Considered scarce or rare?


Entry price as of today seems to be $10-12, but this isn’t what I would consider extremely expensive...


would love to see some pictures if you’re so inclined!

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