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Naval Aviator wing / ww2 era ? real or copy ?


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I've got this Naval Aviator wing that I would like the origin to be confirmed !

No marker except "ACID TEST" in raised letters on back (right wing).


I found a similar one in the excellent book "UNITED STATES NAVY WINGS OF GOLD" on page 61.


If someone can help. Thanks, P.A





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I have a similar hallmark, but mine has the "Acid Test" imprinted.  I am also trying to pin down information on it. I know that Gemsco used "acid test" during WW2. I have run across other manufacturers as well though (Gemsco seemed to be most frequent). That is what makes it so difficult for me. I would be interested in the reply to this thread as it may be helpful to me.





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Thanks for the feedbacks !


I’ve found  one similar in the book from Rob L. Willis & Thomas Carmichael.


See picture...


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