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Curtiss Aircraft WWII Baseball Uniform


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This wool homefront uniform has been boxed away in my son in laws's attic for 15 years.  On a recent trip to visit him I offered to do a display for his Grandfather Richard John Townsend USMC 3/2/44 to5/17/46. When Justin brought down the box on top was this uniform, I almost fainted.  With help from family members, library research, forum members OCSFOLLOWME, and SALVAGE SAILOR, I have put the story together.  I had hoped this was a military team and Townsend was with a Aviation Unit but, no just a Pacific Theatre Rifleman. Townsend grew up in Upstate New York in the cradle of aviation, Hammondsport NY. I next wanted it to be a uniform he wore but this Uniform with the HEALTH patch was used in a period of 1942 to 1945. Townsend enlisted at 17 in 1944 so too young for this. After his release in 1946, he moved back to Auburn, New York, but never working for Curtiss. Where he got it is unkown but I can tell you it was well cared for with no moth bites on this baby.

To feel the quality and see these classic patches was a trill for me, hope you enjoy.







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Salvage Sailor

Beautiful WWII period company baseball uniform,


Love the KEEP 'EM FLYIING and the Curtiss Aircraft wings.  I'd still hold out hope for a Townsend connection, certainly to a close family member who was connected to the team.


Below:  Photo of Curtis company executives on the steps of their headquarters building.


Curtiss Aircraft Executives 002.jpg

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The Curtiss Aircraft team was quite competitive within the wartime industrial leagues and took on many of the service teams within the region. I have seen at least two other Curtiss uniforms come to market in the last few years but this one is a gem! I love it. Too bad the history surrounding this specific piece is lost to time.

Does the jersey have a label/tag? Also, is there a close-up that you can share for the trousers' tag?

As an aside, the HALE America (Health) patch was specific to 1942. Some pro teams wore it into 1943 as well as a few service teams. For later years, the HEALTH was dropped in favor of just the shield with red/white strips replacing the letters.

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