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National Road Military Antique Show - Zanesville, Ohio - May 14th and 15th, 2021

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This is a new show, and is intended to give us all a place to meet and enjoy the hobby that we love.  225 tables are available, and we would love to see you there!


Check out the website at https://www.nrmilitaryshow.com/ for additional information.


You can also find us on Facebook as “National Road Military Antique Show” ..updates will be posted!


Stay safe, and happy relic hunting!

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We have some great dealers signed up, and we'd love to have more join us!


If you are interested in a table, attending as a buyer, or want more information, let us know.



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Count me in and hopefully some forum members as well. I think with the amount of work MAW has put into this and the publicity that should arrive, this might be a heck of a show. I also think the area is fairly untapped and there might be considerable woodwork finds that wall into the show. 


I still need to go through my things that I may downsize, but I'll be getting a table.

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Brian Keith

I was considering it till I discovered it is the same weekend ans The Findlay Show that I have a table at. Do you have a fall show?


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we may have a second show later this year.  Stay tuned for that.


We do have some really good dealers coming from multiple states....including North Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Vermont, Indiana, and Ohio.  Still looking for more to set up....and certainly buyers are always appreciated by all.

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Dealers and buyers still welcome!


We would love to have forum members come out to the show.  



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The show is filling up nicely, with quality dealers and a nice variety of items and eras..


We will also have a display case vendor joining us.  If you need supplies, Riker mounts, wooden display cases, or other items for your collection, they will be available here thanks to Steele's Display Cases.



Dealers welcome, buyers adored!


Check out our website, and our Facebook page.





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Someone sent me the info, so I thought I'd post! 

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