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Martin JRM Mars seat....this replaces my prior post with correct information


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This post replaces my post on the Martin JRM Mars pilots seat with known information. As you may know I went  down a rabbit hole looking to identify a seat I came across. That seat is in another post. First  off these are photos of the JRM.




JRM-1flyingboat-MarianasMars-pictured-undergoing-engine-change-in-the-ahangar-at-NavalAirStation-Patuxent-RiverMaryland-1946 (1).jpg


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What little that can be found on the pilots seat of the JRM are of the proto type. The pilots seat of the proto type is different than the production model as  seen in photos and drawings.




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In the other known photos are of the Coulson JRM's cockpit. The original seats were replaced decades ago by the seats seen in it now. An expert on Warren McArthur seats personally inspected the Coulson birds and confirmed this.



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The Smithsonian Air and Space museum sent me documents they had on the JRM. Note the last document identifies the seat  as a Mod. 262 made by the Warren McArthur Company.







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The following is the only flight deck photo I could find of a production JRM. Note this  seat is different from the prototype JRM and is not like some of the documents. After that you will see the actual photo and files on the Mod. 262 seat from the Warren McArthur archives. On the last document on the far left you will see the number 262. This document is from 1944 and shows the seats were being refined during production and tested.  Warren McArthur seats have a look to them. The US Navy used these seats in many of their crewed aircraft during WW2. They kind of look the same at first glance, but they are in fact different configurations using the same basic parts.



s-l1600 (11).jpg

s-l1600 (9).jpg

IMG_2044 (1).jpg

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MsnTypeDate RegOwner/operatorNameRemark

877XPB2M-105 Nov 1941mfd1520Glenn L. Martin Co. Officially launched into Dark Head Creek, Middle River, MD on 5 Nov 1941.
During taxi tests at the Middle River, MD plant on 5 Dec 1941 the propeller of engine #3 threw a blade, which caused an engine fire and severely damaged the aircraft. Repairs took more than 6 months. First flight 3 Jul 1942.

 XPB2M-1R1942cvd1520Glenn L. Martin Co. Converted for transport role, gun turrets and bombing equipment removed.

  27 Nov 1943del1520United States Navy Delivered to VR-8 at Patuxent River, MD.

  Mar 1945wfu1520United States Navy Withdrawn from service at Alameda, CA Mar 1945.
Returned to Martin Co. for JRM-1 crew training, arrived at Middle River, MD Apr 1945.
Transferred to NATC Patuxent River, MD as a maintenance trainer until 1949.
Later broken up, presumably at Patuxent River, MD.

9263JRM-127 Jul 1945del76819United States NavyHawaii Mars 

  05 Aug 1945w/o76819United States NavyHawaii MarsA failure of the vertical stabilizer leading edge caused a severe porpoising motion on landing at Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore, MD. The aircraft went out of control, broke up and sank.

9264JRM-126 Jun 1946del76820United States NavyPhilippine Mars 

 JRM-3 cvd76820United States NavyPhilippine MarsWfu 7 May 1956. Stored at NAS Alameda, CA. TT 18662.

  1959bt Mars Metals Co.Philippine Mars 

  05 Sep 1959delCF-LYKForest Industries Flying TankersPhilippine MarsConverted to airtanker configuration in 1962.

  1976rrC-FLYKForest Industries Flying TankersPhilippine Mars 

  04 Jul 2001renC-FLYKFlying Tankers Inc.Philippine MarsOffered for sale 10 Nov 2006.

  01 May 2007btC-FLYKCoulson Flying TankersPhilippine MarsWfu Aug 2012.

9265JRM-128 Feb 1946del76821United States NavyMarianas Mars 

 JRM-3 cvd76821United States NavyMarianas MarsWfu 31 Aug 1956. Stored at NAS Alameda, CA. TT 19654.

  1959bt Mars Metals Co.Marianas Mars 

  08 Aug 1959delCF-LYJForest Industries Flying TankersMarianas MarsConverted to airtanker, into service Spring 1960.

  23 Jun 1961w/oCF-LYJForest Industries Flying TankersMarianas MarsCrashed into Mount Moriarty near Parksville, BC during a regular drop run. Some reports suggest a failure of the water drop mechanism, which left the aircraft too heavy to climb quickly enough to avoid the mountain. However, no definite cause has officially been documented for this accident.

9266JRM-1Feb 1946del76822United States NavyMarshall Mars 

 JRM-3 cvd76822United States NavyMarshall Mars 

  05 Apr 1950w/o76822United States NavyMarshall MarsSuffered in-flight engine fire and force-landed in Ke'ehi Lagoon, Oahu, HI. The fire continued to spread and when it reached the fuel tanks the aircraft exploded and sank.

9267JRM-123 Apr 1946del76823United States NavyHawaii Mars 

 JRM-3 cvd76823United States NavyHawaii MarsWfu 16 Aug 1956. Stored at NAS Alameda, CA. TT 20038.

  1959bt Mars Metals Co.Hawaii Mars 

  12 Sep 1959delCF-LYLForest Industries Flying TankersHawaii MarsConverted to airtanker configuration in 1964.

  1976rrC-FLYLForest Industries Flying TankersHawaii Mars 

  04 Jul 2001renC-FLYLFlying Tankers Inc.Hawaii MarsOffered for sale 10 Nov 2006.

  01 May 2007btC-FLYLCoulson Flying TankersHawaii MarsWfu Jul 2016.

9268JRM-210 May 1948del76824United States NavyCaroline MarsWfu 27 Jul 1956. Stored at NAS Alameda, CA. TT 10116.

  1959bt Mars Metals Co.Caroline Mars 

  27 Aug 1959delCF-LYMForest Industries Flying TankersCaroline MarsConverted to airtanker configuration in 1961.

  12 Oct 1962w/oCF-LYMForest Industries Flying TankersCaroline MarsAircraft was parked on its beaching gear at Victoria International Airport, Sidney, BC for maintenance with Fairey Aviation of Canada, when its tie-down lines snapped during typhoon "Frieda". The beaching gear collapsed, and the aircraft was blown across the tarmac for some distance until it ran into a highway shoulder, causing damage to the left wing and float, as well as to the keel. It was considered damaged beyond repair and was broken up for spares.

9269JRM-2  76825United States Navy Uncompleted airframe. Nose section to Forest Industries Flying Tankers at Sproat Lake, Port Alberni, BC. To Coulson Flying Tankers in 2007.

Abbreviations used:

bt= Boughtdel= Deliveredren= Renamedwfu= Withdrawn from use

cvd= Convertedmfd= Manufacturedrr= Reregisteredw/o= Written off

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2 hours ago, cutiger83 said:

This is very cool! Great research!



Thank you Kat

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