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Question about footwear from a WW2/KW/VN vet's uniforms


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These were recently donated to the VA NG Historical Foundation collection from the family of a three war vet---try as I might, I can't find maker's tags, or nomenclature on these--he kept them in a box with his VN jungle boots so they might be from then ....or maybe not at all....any ideas or suggestions gladly accepted... 







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US Military Guy

I have some "gym" shoes in my collection as well as hospital slippers.


I have heard of - but don't have any - "field shoes".  I would call this type of footwear more "tactical" instead of "garrison".


I suppose the reason for the lack of markings is that they were basically going to last a week or two (from wear and tear during use) and there wasn't a bunch of concern about tracking them.  Either that or is wasn't applied very well and just wore off during use.  Yours certainly appear to have seen some use . . . especially the soles.

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