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US Army Philippine Insurrection medal with impressed year on reverse


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If all can double check me on this...the timeline that is being proposed is that:

-He enlists Jan. 1911

-sent to training and steamed overseas

-posted to Camp Dewey

-ends up in Hospital in Manila

-steams back to US

-returns to US April 1911

(what a crazy few months, huh?)

-gap in timeline (does he return to PI ?)

-assigned to Cavalry School 1913?

-in El Paso with the 13th Sept 1913

-made corporal 13th Sept 1913

-dicharged Jan 5th 1914 in VT


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I think your timeline is correct except, I don't think we know when he came back to the US


We know he was in the hospital in April 1911 in Manila before he was assigned a unit.  I suspect he recovered, and then was assigned somewhere.  That would give him roughly the second half of 1911 to have the qualifying Philippine service to have his medal stamped 1911.  


We also don't know where he was in 1912...a good guess would be the Philippines until at least April.  


An interesting question would be how long the Cavalry School typically took.  


There are about 2 years that are largely unaccounted for...April 1911 to roughly April 1913



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