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Officer grade Legion of Merit


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I recently obtained this medal. It is the first time that I saw a flat planchet on a Legion of Merit. It looks allright though, I think recently made.

I own one made in the early 1970-ties and that one is concave shaped and has more details.


Can someone give their opinion on it.


The brooch is marked EP GI.












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Not familiar with EP so I suspect it is a really recent manufacture.  I am sure it is much cheaper to make them this way.  The quality of the modern medals are just not what they were decades ago.   Sad but sensible I suppose.

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Thanks LuftStalg1, you are right.


I found out that EPGI stands for Ed Piera Inc. Never heard of them before. They are in business apparantly since the nineties.

The quality of their produced products is not that high.

On this forum a few topics exist in which known CIBs are shown. 


So, it is not a cheap Chinese copy,  but a recently produced medal from a US company.




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Adding two more pictures. One comparison shot of a SIMCO GI marked Legion of Merit awarded in 1977 on the left and the EPGI marked Legion of Merit produced the last 20 to 25 years on the right.

The second picture is a clearly shot of the EPGI mark.





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