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US Navy 5”/38 WW2 casing


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I was digging out some ordnance and decided to post my 1943 dated US Navy 5”/38 casing. As with most Naval ordnance, getting very hard to find.This stands 26 3/4” tall. The 5”/38 was found on all types of larger vessels in WW2, and eventually found as a powerful anti-aircraft weapon. 
The cannon is still in use today.6B4AE969-BAB1-42CF-8E2D-9CED9BF891EB.jpeg.928e7282a472fb583059f4fb0c8f5b0d.jpeg71742036-7906-4902-AAF5-F47471824186.jpeg.a9dfaad8d6d4590de605bb48c5d005e7.jpegAFB60663-74D3-4BC1-9ADA-FA99C6A5F713.jpeg.1daa61639b74bb09a9915300b844b4e6.jpeg

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Kurt Barickman

5¨/38 are fixed rounds and the ones we used in the 5¨54 were semi-fixed rounds on the destroyer I was on in the 1980s. 



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