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USMC Officer Frankencover?

Basic Rifleman

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I picked this up from an antique store several years ago, and didn't exactly know what it was, but felt compelled to buy it for that same reason. It's been sitting in a box since then... It didn't come with an EGA, but there's ghosting from one. The WWII period cover has the officer quatrefoil on top. The brim is brown leather, as is the strap, and the brown buttons appear to be either plastic or bakelite. There are no makers marks that I can find, but research points to these buttons being post war. Was this ever a variation of an authorized officers khaki service cover, or just a fantasy piece?  Any help would be most appreciated.


Semper Fi,




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They absolutely wore this cover. Looks like all you need is an Officers service ega in bronze. Too bad, I just sold a nice one last week but they are not too hard to find.

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