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Selza Watch?


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Does the dial say AIR CORP? unfortunately the minute hand is obscuring the third letter.

If so, that is a little odd they would be using the term in 1950's. The company was known as Selza since 1923, so perhaps it is an early USAAC procured type wrist watch. Pre-WWII.


The back does have 1950, but that may not necessarily be a date rather a serial number of sorts, or could be a replaced back as well. Interesting piece either way. I too did a quick google search and found one with just US on the face that they were calling 1950's. 

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So this is for sale, I assume? I don’t see it as an issue watch. Does it have a hack function? Even if it did this is not a contractor of WWII watches and any unique story would need to be backed up. Parts watches are all over and as common as issue watches. Even I have dabbled in the hobby and have rebuilt watches. You can drop any face on any movement of the same size. They were apart every 4 yrs or so back in the 50s for cleaning so such a cobbled-together thing isn’t unlikely at all. Less so than a complete contract watch showing up. Without some pretty good paperwork I would easily consider this a fantasy watch. 



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