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WWII Early War Canteen Cover Camouflage?


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Greetings Everyone! 


Im hoping someone can help me determine if this was a wartime camouflage applied to this canteen cover. It's 1941 dated, I got it back in the 80's. It has a reddish/brownish hue to it and was applied all over the cover including the back. There is also remnants of white lettering over the paint/camo? 


I remember reading in the soldiers camoflauge manual on page 12 that Qtmstr No. 3 Compound should be applied to field gear to blend it. Any opinions? Thoughts?


Any idea on value if it is?


Thank you!







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This is a tough one, because in all honesty it could be something that spilled onto it and stained it. I've seen that happen, and it looks pretty much as your example does. So it could go either way.


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