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National WASP Museum Avenger Field Sweetwater Tx.

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I was just goofing around looking for whatever on my computer and came across this site.   https://waspmuseum.org/     I had seen it years ago and decided to see what they have been up to.  They closed down  for covid and added a new building to the museum. Just as they finished construction they were hit by a flood that forced them to do allot of repairs. They plan to reopen to the public in about a month. I sent a message telling them I have a WASP wing that belonged to one of the 38 and some other stuff I would loan them if they were interested. I got a e-mail back from Ann Haub saying they would love to display the wing and the other related items. In fact they were going to reopen with a tribute to the 38 and my timing was spot on. I contacted people I know to enlist help for the museum. The contract they are sending me is for a long term loan and the time frame is decided by me. I used to volunteer at a air museum and they always want you to donate your item to the museum and Ann was no different. In the past I had offered my small items to other museums for display and they are always eager until they find out I am not giving it to them. Then they cite insurance reasons for not wanting to display the wing. Ann  was more reasonable about this even though she  did prodded me to donate.  I have had this wing for many years and it was a gift from the brother of the fallen WASP for taking the time to return her personal effects found at the crash site. My question to the forum is do you have artifacts from a WASP sitting in a box in your closet that no one ever see's? Do you want people to know about the WASP program? Are you willing to share what you have with a small museum in need of authentic artifacts to share with the public? Do you want to keep your artifacts? If so, may I suggest you think long and hard about loaning your artifacts to a worthy museum in need of a little help. Call and ask for Ann Haub. She will nudge you to donate, but she knows she needs to display more than she needs to own in order to accomplish her mission of bringing the WASP story to the public. Think about it.   Yours David

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