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My M1 helmets


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Hello, some of these helmets I've had for a long time. The first helmet I restored, but I used the wrong paint so I'll need to change that. I've had that helmet since the 80's when I was a kid. It had been really messed with, in which I didn't know anything about it. I looked like it was all sanded down and the rim edging was removed. A few years back, I found out that it had been a front seam helmet. So I found some material to make an edging and replaced it. Recorked it and painted. I believe it is a McCord made helmet. 




The second helmet I bought about a year ago for 10 bucks. I'm thinking of recorking and painting it. Some stupid person drilled a hole through it at the top. I filled it in with JB weld. But I don't know much about this helmet. I believe it's a McCord late WW2 front seam and I don't think it is stainless steel rim.





The third helmet is a front seam stainless steel rim. Someone a while back told me it was a fixed bail which was converted to swivel bail. I was wondering why it has the od 7 chin strap. I thought that all WW2 chin straps were od 3! I believe it is a McCord also. I really like the name on the inside, Lt. Almy. The heat lot number is hard to see. 282B. I'm definitely not going to mess with this one. 


The fourth helmet from what I have read is it is a Motor Wheel sub contractor by McCord, I think. Stamp is MWA64. That's all I know.

20210219_210607.jpg.3af3d2fa0a8c52cc571a85fa1f71a1d1.jpg20210219_210730.jpg.954d7bbfdb4cb1277d447a115578f045.jpg20210219_210636.jpg.c7208ef3f4e0ed4089355437a97fdb36.jpg20210219_210712.jpg.5ea572838433bb962583ab3ab8125d73.jpgAny information, comments or suggestions if you would like. Thanks Lee 

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Thanks, iron bender. I do have some liners. A couple I believe from the 60 or 70's. A Micarta 1951 and a Westinghouse WW2 liner. 

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3 hours ago, Paddyd00 said:

Very nice friend.  Nice group of US Steel :)


Thank you  Paddyd00. Not much of a collection, just something interesting to have and look at. 

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2 hours ago, Justin said:

Nice group, the Motor Wheel Corp shell is especially nice. Don't see those very often. 

Thanks. Yes I don't know much about the Motor Wheel shell. I actually just found out what it was a few days ago. Just learning about all of them. Gets addicting!

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