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Helmet covers


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Has anyone though about matting and framing helmet covers under framed glass? Something that could be hung on a wall?


I think it would the display would look nice, especially if you did not have helmets for the covers to live on permanently.


One problem I see is that the fabric would be creased because of the creation of such a display. If any future owners wanted other options for display, after long years under glass sensitive old fabric would be delicate to handle on crease points.


Looking to hear opinions.




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Use a shadow box & not a picture frame. Put a few layers of acid free foam board inside of cover to give it a 3D look.

Here i used 2 layers of foam board behind ribbon bar.55c50c173650e8d6311473afc21b130e.jpg

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Don’t know if this would work for you but I have just hung my covers on these little 3m adhesive hooks. They fit in the slits of the covers and the covers just rest.



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