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Navy Wing WW1? Post? Original?

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The recent thread on Navy wings caused me to dig out this wing that I've had for some time now. It measures 70mm or about 2.75" tip to tip. It is unpierced and the detail on the feathering is decent. The reverse is stamped "Sterling" and it has a "C" type flat hook closure for the pin. Not being strictly speaking a wing collector but more accurately described as a wing accumulator, I'd be curious to know if they are original and if so, what vintage they might be. I'll post the reverse next.


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These look to be very nice wings. I think they are in the BB&B pattern, from what I can see. I think it would be safe to say that these are typically considered to fall in the WWI/1920's time frame. Typically, the unpierced area around the anchor and shield, the fine feathering, and the C catch are all hallmarks of an earlier USN wing.



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These are very nice wings. A little different than the BB&B pattern which can be seen on my site via the link below but the feathering is along similar lines.


BB&B Wings


There isn't as much variation in the Navy stuff as there is in the AAF stuff. I agree on the WWI-20's era timeframe. Great piece!

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