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Vietnam lieutenant camo airborne liner - thoughts?


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Picked up this salty liner a few years back. If I remember correctly, the story was that it had been found in a basement, and came from Colorado Springs so good chance it was Air Force. I have no reason to believe the hand-painted camo isn’t as old as the liner itself, and while it is complete with sweatband and nape strap and suspension, nape strap and sweatband all have markings, all I can make out is “Class 2” on the nape strap and the contract number on the headband as DSA-1-4813, which Reynosa apparently places to 1965. Looks like for whatever reason the liner was issued unpainted, and the camo was applied to compensate.

Also wonder what those two screw holes on either side might’ve been for, they’re identical mirrors so presumably something was held on there.





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