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USMC Co. I, 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Patch, 1st Mar Div. Vietnam?


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Any information on this patch is greatly appreciated.  Is it 1960's in Country made (Vietnam)?

USMC Co. I, 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Patch, 1st Mar Div.  Vietnam?


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This is probably post war as the embroidery does not look Vietnamese made during the war.  I've seen that white paper like backing material on more current patches.   I don't think it is a fantasy patch like I thought it was when this patch first appeared on a black beret (see photo).   I saw the miniature version of this patch sewn upon a beret being sold on eBay a number of years ago and thought it was a fantasy piece but now that another has surfaced it was probably made for a specific unit.  I have a similar type unit patch in my collection that has the crossed paddles (see link).  The explanation given by BagmanL6 probably fits this patch as well being a small boat raid company.  So I would say it is a keeper.  




Marine Radier (3).JPG

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I just spotted the patch in question for sale on eBay which has a much larger and clearer photograph of the back.  That white paper like material background is the stuff I've seen on patches that were never worn by the military and basically copies of insignia like the stuff you see sewn on civilian fashion type tour jackets.  I also just came across a number of copies of this patch one of which has dates on the paddles indicating a Vietnam War era piece.  I now believe I was correct in my initial assessment of the miniature version of this patch that I saw sewn on a beret.   I believe these are all fantasy pieces as I've never come across anything like this is years of searching for USMC Force Recon Company and Recon Battalion patches.













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