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WWI Army Air Service patch????


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I picked this up a couple of years ago at an antique show for $20. I typically stay away from WWI stuff since I've never had access to known genuine examples to educate myself. It is heavy silver bullion on black wool. It is very well made. It is 3.5 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width. Have any of you ever encountered this insignia?? I have no idea if it is genuine or someone's fantasy insignia. Thanks.



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Interesting patch. I've changed your topic's title in hopes of attracting someone who knows something about the Air Service.

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vintageproductions or maybe teamski would know for sure, but just from the look of the bullion I'd venture it to be period and authentic, but as to who and when worn, that I can't be sure right now. I'll be looking it up though... nice piece... wish it was mine! :D

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