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USS Antietam & USS Princeton - Korean War Era Patches


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Hello everyone, 


Because of my grandfather’s aviation service with VF-831 and VF-837 during the Korean War, I focus a lot of my collection efforts on those squadrons and ship patches from the era.  I’ve recently obtained the patches shown below and I’m hoping someone can shed some light on them.

Ive never seen a TF-77 patch named to two ships like this.  Does anyone know the significance or the reason for this?  The patch is primarily USS Philippine Sea, with the designation in the usual place, but with a USS Antietam rocker added to the top. These both carry the attack-carrier designation (CVA) which leads me to believe they are early 50’s. 

The winged “A”, Korea patch came with the TF-77 patch.  I’ve seen this patch a couple times before in Antietam groupings and because of that, assume the “A” stands for Antietam.  Can anyone confirm this patch and how it was used?  Regardless, I’m glad to finally get one.  As you all know with much of this stuff, it’s very tough to come by when your looking!

The “Terrible Nine Tractor Driver” patch from the Princeton was just too cool to pass up, and I don’t imagine there are many out there.  There’s a real possibility this patch was around my grandfather on the deck as he was flying missions from the Princeton almost 70 years ago! 



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