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Ammo Can

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Just acquired this from my grandfather. Is there a resource out there to help identify when this was produced and where it may have been deployed to. He was a Sargent in a motor pool/supply area. I think deployed to the Aleutian Islands during WW2


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I see it as the m/1942 as shown in that website.  Notice both are side opening.  Looks like it held .50 Armor Piercing Incendiary.  DM could be the Des Moines Ammunition Plant.


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WW2 .50 cal ammo can, I have several in my collection, these were made by different manufacturers. The wartime ones are nothing like the modern .50 cal cans.

Just a few manufacturers I can think of........






There are more but I can't think of them at the moment.


I have added some pictures for you of one of my examples, 95 (legally inert) unfired rounds came with this can, it was found over 15 years ago in Belgium in the back of an old outbuilding, along with several full .30 cal cans. All the rounds are dated 42-43 and made by Lake City which doesn't confirm to the can markings, (refilled in the field can?) They are also a mix of tracer and A.P. ( the coloured tips have worn off but ghosting of the paint remains)I have made it up to 105 rounds for a full can. It's certainly impressive seeing a full belt of 105 .50 cal rounds.


I hope you find this useful.













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Thanks for the responses those are helpful.  I think I've got it pinned down enough for what I was looking for.  Sentimental and history value for the family as I piece together some more history.  Just found a three day pass my grandfather saved from 1943, sure hope he had fun those three days.

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Confirmation: DM is Des Moines Arsenal, it was closed down before the war ended. DM stuff is the harder to find ammo, but I noticed you have linked LC, Lake City Arsenal ammo dated 1943 in the can. The can markings indicate it was originally loaded with silver tip, armor piercing incendiary. All WW2 vintage, It would be more correct and valuable if the can and ammo matched but WW2 .50 ammo is very collectible as is. 

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The "DM-L" indicated that the M8 API rounds were made at the Des Moines Ordnance Plant and linked into a belt directly on the production line. The lot number  "21642" dates the can to late 1945, and the rounds were graded for aircraft use. The M8 lot numbers in 1945 ran from 21204 to 21884. Hope this helps. Nice family heirloom.



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