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Help with Uniform Jacket

Red Devil

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Good day!


I've had this one in the collection a little while but have no idea which model uniform jacket it may be--or if it's a theatrical/modern piece.  Upon careful inspection I believe it to be quite old, but I am no expert.  It was found with an original 1872 forage cap.


The 5-button cut reminds me of the 1874 pattern uniform, some of which had branch color on the collar, but this one has it going all the way down the front.  There are also no buttons or colors sewn onto the plain cuffs.  There is also no depot stamps inside, just a faint name.  I just got done searching Langellier's More Army Blue but not finding anything close to this.  Any help for an identification would be greatly appreciated!


And sorry for these photos--I could not get them to rotate when posting!






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I have one similar only mine has no piping and has slit pockets. That one looks to be the m1874.

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