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General Benjamin F. Butler Signature

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I first learned about Benjamin "Beast" or "Spoons" Butler many years ago, and he always fascinated me.  He's one of those real life people that if some writer had created as a fictional character, nobody would think he was believable.  


I bought a copy of his autobiography some 35 years ago.  It has a couple of reproduced signatures.   But this week I finally added an original signature to my collection.   It's on an 1886 legal document.  


In case you aren't familiar with old Ben, here is a wikipedia article that gives an idea of the man.  






Butler Set.jpg

Butler sig.jpg

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Nice to know there are some other Beast Butler fans out there.   There some Civil War buffs I know who aren't familiar with him.  


Here is a wartime print of General Butler.  


Did you know that Butler was one of a relatively few Civil War generals to have guest starred on Monty Python?  


I can't find the clip online, but did find this really poor quality copy of the episode.  He shows up around the 16:46 mark.  Some funny bits in this ep, if you are into Python. 





Ben Butler portrait.jpg

Ben Butler Monty Python.jpg

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