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Repairing damaged ribbon with tape


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I searched through this category for "tape" and did not find anything. 


This ribbon just came a part. Over 100 years old. 


There is acid free tape https://www.preservationequipment.com/Blog/Blog-Posts/What-is-Acid-Free-Tape


Anyone have success using tape such as this? 


The problem is that it was stored in a riker mount. Upon removing it for sale to ship...the loose threads caught the extremely velcro like riker backing and grabbed it...helping to pull it a part. 


There are two horizontal threads that came off during it. 


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I have not done this, but fragile items like this or silk items of age are mounted with a backing sewn on to prevent damage do to age. Older flags have this done all the time. In as far as mending the damage...not worth the cost. Just stabilize it. The problem with any kind of tape, even acid free tape is the adhesive will bleed through over time. Not a good idea.

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Tape is bad acid free or not. I'd put it in a stiff top loader or wedged between to pieces of plexi/glass. 

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