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WWI Canteen Cover For Use With Shoulder Strap?

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I had recently bought this cover, as I hadn't seen one that was setup this way with what looks like mounts for a shoulder strap. Was this something that was officially produced or do you think it was customized?




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iron bender

I'm not aware of this modification being GI for sure, locally done possibly, but I haven't seen it until now. Judging the age of the cover and the age of the modification, it's nearly as old as the cover in my opinion. The canteen itself is certainly a valuable collectable. 

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The "mounts" are definitely a field modification and not part of production.  
No so uncommon to find covers with this modification even in WW2.

I agree that the canteen is more valuable than the cover by a factor of 10 or more depending on what the rest of the canteen body looks like and what type of ring/chain it has.


There was a cover designated Cover for strap model of 1910 which was produced only in 1914 with a grand total of only 1000 pieces being produced.

It was an early version that had the eagle snaps.  There could be another but I have not seen a drawing for it yet.

Info on cover for strap below:



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