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wooden Hartzell Propeller - from UC-78 Bobcat?

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I went  through the list of pilot names who were in mishaps from 1940-45 and Donald D Dudley only shows up as a pilot in a mishap on June 41. It could be he was presented that prop in relations to that mishap as indicated by the names on the prop. That seems the logical conclusion.

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It seems to me based on that news report he was lucky to have survived that AT-6 forced landing. He was in the front seat and he was the pilot of that plane, he was a Lt, not a aviation cadet. I think do to the burns he suffered he had recovery time at home and may of been presented that prop in relation to that crash. His friends may have signed that prop much like friends sign a cast for a broken bone. If he had that prop on base fellow pilots would have signed it.

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It's curious to me that the propeller was signed with year dates ranging from 1945 through 1948, and yet Dudley's plane accident/crash happened in 1941.  Perhaps he had it on his wall and like P-59A states would have his friends sign it when they came over.


Also of note is is Edmond Borgioli's signature where he writes "ADVISOR" by his name.  Advisor of what and to whom?  Edmond was an educator and on his 1940 Draft Registration of 16 Oct 1940 his employer is listed as Board of Education.  Edmond H. Borgioli was Principal of Kolb School in Bay City for 21 years, retiring from that position in 1976.


And here's info on another one of the signers who's also from Standish.  Shows him to be a student in Dec 1946 and he signs the prop in 1947.





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