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Looking for some help on a WWII Naval Officer's cap badge or eagle


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I recently acquired a Pre-WWII to WWII Naval officer's group that had a very unusual Officer’s cap badge.  I appeared to be a pre-1941 design, but the eagle was facing the wrong way.  The device is hallmarked on the reverse, "STERLING" and "PASQUALE".  It also has a screw back hub that resembles one that would be used on a USMC collar device.  The insignia is smaller than what you would normally see (2 inches by 2 ¼ inches) and is not gilded.


I was searching eBay today and came across this listing:


Rare WW2 US Navy Medical Officer Hat Badge - Attached to Marine Corps - Pasquale | eBay (sorry I can't get the link to work)


It is the same example as I have.  It comes on its original card and is also not gilded in any way.  The seller describes the device as having a Marine Corps connection. 


Can anyone tell me if this is true or anything about the device?  I have attached picture of the one I have for reference.


Thanks for your help!





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For naval Medical Officer attached to the USMC, but these were also used on the gray covered cap with a black braid chin strap and black side buttons (1943 when the slate grey uniform was introduced). 

Yes this style eagle is smaller than say the Viking Naval Officer's eagle, which is the most common. I have several examples of this style eagle in my collection. Both Standard (Silver & Gilt) and bronze/blackened.



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