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SPAR Chief Quartermaster

David Minton

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David Minton


I came across a random group of rates of which one in particular caught my eye. It was a reduced size right facing Chief Quartermaster (pictured at right, with a full-size QM 1c for scale). The rating features applied chevrons. This example is indicative from having been removed from a uniform.




While I don’t believe the Quartermaster rating was open to Navy WAVES before the switch to left facing rates in 1948, I had seen a SPAR group with a seersucker QM 2c, so I didn’t think this was necessarily a fantasy piece. I checked my copy of The Coast Guard At War Women’s Reserve (April 1, 1945) and there was listed a single billet for a Chief Quartermaster.


Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 12.08.15 AM.jpg

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