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The Transcribed Diaries of Thompson Gallaher, 31st Ohio Veteran Volunteers


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Hi all!

I recently finished transcribing the diaries that came with my 31st OVVI grouping. Though y'all would want to read em! 

Well I just finished transcribing the diaries included in the group. These cover the activities of Gallaher and his regiment from 1862, 64 and 65. The diary makes for interesting reading. Gallaher describes combat at Corinth, throughout the Atlanta Campaign, the March to the Sea as well as the Carolinas Campaign. There are also some non-combat highlights I get a laugh out of or otherwise enjoy., such as Gallaher's report on the 1864 election, as well Gallaher's consistent disappointment with Southern cities, just to name a few

Some of my transcriptions are a little rough and any spots I was unsure about are marked with parenthesis or a ?

Hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed transcribing it!

Wartime Diaries of Thompson Gallaher (1).pdf

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When I get the time I am looking forward to reading this. Was the 31st back in Tennessee late in the war by chance?


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