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O.C. Tanner Salt Lake City, UTAH


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O.C. Tanner was founded by Obert Clark Tanner as a jewelry company in 1927. They started off by selling class rings and pins to high school and college graduates.


O.C. Tanner produced limited runs of Army Aviator flight wings during the Vietnam period. Their wings are held in high esteem amongst Army Aviators (Helicopter and Fix winged Aircraft pilots). They hallmarked their wings with O.C. TANNER S.L.C. UTAH STERLING. These wings are considered some of the highest quality silver wings ever made and are fairly scarce. They are therefore prized by collectors. In addition to Army Aviator or Pilot flight wings, O.C. Tanner also made Army Aircrew wings and Medical Flight wings. Illustrations of each are shown below. O.C. Tanner wings are heavier and thicker than most other Army Flight wings.


Today O.C. Tanner Company is an employee recognition company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company maintains offices in Canada, England, Singapore, Australia, and India, and is one of the largest manufacturers of retail and corporate awards in the United States. The company made the medals for the 2002, U.S.-hosted Winter Olympics. O.C. Tanner Jewelers has been Utah’s original jeweler for over 90 years and they are still in business.






Back Basic AC.jpg

Basic AC.jpg

Basic Medic.jpg

Back Basic medic.jpg

Sr Medic.jpg

Sr Medic back.jpg

Sr Aircrew.jpg

Sr AC back.jpg

Master Aviator.jpg

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