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Can you post pics?


Sorry for such a late reply i forgot all about this thread pinch.gif Here are pictures of them




1-471st Bombardment Squadron

2-370th Bombardment Squadron

3-306th Bombardment Squadron

4-2x Navy Cruiser Scouting Squadron

5-Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron 232

6-103rd Observation Squadron

7-Marine Bombing Squadron 433

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Well, those atleast are the ones I am selling, Let me take a picture of the other ones he gave me I have about double that. From what i have found out though the one included ( a B-24 pin) has gone for between 50-70$ on ebay.


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I have usually seen these at antique stores and in military dealers cases for anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00. They are not terribly difficult to find. Darn neat item though!




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