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SCR-536 BC-611 how to date different types?


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Hello, is there a list of manufacturing dates from the different Handie-Talkie types? I have noticed many different manufacturing/serial number plates.

The unit in the first picture has no specific makersname, serialnumber. Just the F sign (not added later) It has not been refurbished ( no LSD mark/number)  So how can one trace its origin?

The unit in the other picture has been refurnished (?)

Most have been made by the Galvin Corp. Bur some by other companies. 

As far as I know the F series where in production from early 1944?

All information will be highly appreciated


SRC 536 BC 611.jpg

HAndie Talkie ww2.jpg

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The LSD ones were refurbished by the Lexington Signal Depot after the war and given new data plates. The ones that have data plates on them without contract or serial numbers suggest that at some point they were serviced or made by signal corps depots as well. 



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