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M-1912 web belt with D ring, no makers marks

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I lust picked this plain snap M-1912 web belt with a D ring. This has no ink stamps that I can find nor does it have any stamps on the keepers. So, any ideas on the maker or when it was made? Also I have seen this called a saber belt or an NCO belt. What is it? Thanks.





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This type with the plain snap (rather than Eagle Snap) were made from 1917 onward, although I doubt it was too much 'onward' after the end of WW1. If the markings were visible, they'd be found printed on the fabric of the underneath side of the adjustable end. As far as makers, I haven't got a list, but several of the usual suspects in the web gear game made these belts. Definitely not a Mills, as they usually marked their metal fittings. Officially, this belt was for carrying the M1902 Officer's Sword, and some NCO's were also authorized to wear them.

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milsurp, when I picked this up it had a British made 1943 cover and US canteen on it. Just to be sure these two did not occur at the time? Right?

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These early belts with sabre hanger are typically found unmarked.


As for period if use I can see it easily being used or issued out during WW2. We often see WW2 cartridge belts still in use in WW2 as well as earlier pattern pistol belts

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