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Help with Jump Wings Para oval

Boy Howdy

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On 2/9/2021 at 7:43 PM, triplecanopy said:

Back in the 1960's -1970's This was known as the INFANTRY School Oval. It was worn by the Airborne Department which included Ground, Tower and Jump week cadres plus both Jumpmaster and Pathfinder school cadres. It was also worn by those instructors on jump status in the Ranger Department. I was a Ranger Instructor 1971-1974 and the light blue Infantry School oval is what we wore. Also anyone else assigned to Fort Benning who was on jump status correctly wore the light blue oval behind their jump wings. Allan is correct about the black hats in the Airborne School as they also wore the light blue oval behind highly polished jump wings. Most of the Airborne School Instructors were master parachutists, but a few had senior wings like the one below.




Since this is a 60''s -70's jump oval what hat would they have worn this on?

I just want to get it right.


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Allen has suggested a black patrolling cap was worn by the 'Black Hat' Jump School Instructors and that may be correct for his time frame. I went through jump school in the summer of 1969 and at that time the instructors wore black baseball caps with the crown folded in a bit to make it more military looking. It was not a soft cap as it had a stiff crown. It looks a lot like this one below: The jump wings with oval were worn top dead center and below the fold. I hope that helps.  I am not sure what is currently worn. Remember back in my time OD (Olive Drab green) baseball caps were the standard head dress for most of the Army.


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I took the two photos above from this website- https://arsof-history.org/articles/19oct_mike_kunik_page_1.html and they show the patrol cap that the black hats wore when I went through school. As I was looking at photos of black hats, I found both the baseball cap and the patrol cap being worn. I think that either would be a good resting place for the jump wing and oval.





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On 2/13/2021 at 8:31 AM, triplecanopy said:

Basic Jump wings - Successfully make 5 jumps from an aircraft while in flight (usually 1 jump with combat equipment) or 1 actual combat jump


Senior  Jump wings - Served 24 months or two years on jump status, Graduate of JM Course and a minimum of 30 parachute jumps including 15 combat equipment jumps, two night jumps (at least one as JM) and 2 mass tactical jumps.


MASTER Parachutist: Served at least 36 months on jump status. Participated in a minimum of 65 jumps to include 25 jumps with combat equipment; 4 night jumps, one of which is as a jumpmaster of a stick; five mass tactical jumps which culminate in an airborne assault problem with a unit equivalent to a battalion or  larger, a separate company/battery, or organic staff of a regiment size or larger; and graduated from the Jumpmaster Course.


Senior and Master Parachutist nominees must also pass a board review that examines the credentials and conduct of the candidate.

Glad you brought this up; was just going to write on it.

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