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Navy SEAL Museum options


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Hello everyone.  I am trying to help some friends, and would really appreciate your assistance.


It’s a husband and wife, and the wife is very interested in Navy SEALs and their history.  The husband is looking to plan a surprise trip to somewhere where they can experience things having to do with SEALs - tradition / history, training, equipment, etc.  


The “criteria”, so to speak, is that is is driving distance from NW PA, and accommodating to young children.  I would loosely define “driving distance” as ~6-8 hours.


I did find the museum in Florida, but that is likely too far of a drive.  


Thank you very much.

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They could always go to Virginia Beach which I'm pretty sure is the home of most of the SEAL elements on the East Coast. I don't think there is a museum or anything, but they could always go check out the supposed "SEAL hangouts". 


There's a Navy SEAL mounument as well in Virginia Beach: https://www.clarknexsen.com/project/navy-seals-monument-virginia-beach/


I can't really think of much anywhere else close by related to Navy SEALS, in the area. But Virginia Beach is a very popular vacation spot in general, so if they're looking for a good vacation with a little bit of a Navy SEAL theme, then it's probably the best place to go. 

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