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WWII meat canned


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Attached are several pictures of canned meat sent overseas for field kitchens.  I'll post the corresponding packing crate and the information on them soon.  The pictures are of ham and beef chunks in cans.  I know there is a very small niche of guys interested in this stuff, PM me if you are. 








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Amazing Condition! Even most C-rats from the VN war era have “self-destruction” issues. I wonder how these were stored all these years. I would love to see the packing boxes. If packed for overseas shipment I would think they would be wood crates.


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How gnarly would it be to eat the meat in 2021. Are you brave enough to open a can and see what's inside ? 

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I wouldn't open it, I think we can all guess as to what the insides look like nevertheless what it tastes like, I think there is a guy on you tube that eats all old C - Rations. Man that beef must be rancid as a rats rear end.

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Yummmmm, making me hungry.  Interesting that they didn't date the cans.  Seems like for the sake of the troops stomachs, they'd put some kind of "best before..." date on those things.   



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Homer ate 12.jpg

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