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Need help identifying this (WW2 era?) Naval depth bomb

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I really need some help with this one.  I recently acquired this, what I believe to be, naval practice depth bomb.  My suspicion was tentatively confirmed by someone that I know who was ASW on a P3.  Although he wasn't sure on the exactly which model it is.





It has been repainted at some point and no original stenciling is visible.  I started removing the re-paint and I did uncover what is left of some hand painting on the side.  It is mostly unreadable lettering over a pair of crossed swords.





I was able to find a picture on the internet of what looks to be the same piece and it has markings visible.  The one in the pic states "US NAVY BU ORD, CASE MK41 MOD1, LD284722 WT9LBS" over an oval BRANDT logo.  However when I researched the MK41 depth bomb the sizes doesn't match.  The MK41 was a 325lb bomb and this one is roughly the same size as the M38A2 100lb.




If anyone can point my in the right direction on this, I would really appreciate it.

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Wish I could help you. Cool restoration project so good luck with your search for information.


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Perhaps it's a practice version of a Depth Charge, Mark 11 Mod 3?

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Opus5150, I am not familiar with a US Mark 11 depth charge and I can't seem to find any pics either.  You wouldn't happen to have a pic would you?  I am struggling with this one.  


Another point that I am wondering about is the color.  Wasn't yellow only used on live ordnance?  At least in the early 40's.  I thought all practice ordnance was painted blue or a combination of blue and white.



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It may have been painted a high-viz color for better tracking in use?  Not too sure - it looks like yours was painted by a non-government entity due to the hand drawn markings seen through the color.  The size seems off, though....


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