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Help to identify P1912 officers dress collar ega

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Folks, I purchased this nice early ega probably 25 years ago at a local antique store. This was long before I knew anything about these and there were no real references available. Purchased at the same time out of the same booth was a beautiful Officers dress cap piece marked sterling 10K with the HH eagle logo on one wing of the bird. I have always assumed that the collar ega I am showing here was a mate to the cap piece. While they likely came from the same source, now I am no longer certain.


So I have a couple of questions about this collar ega. First, am I correct in assuming this is a P1912? I think it is early and appears to be what some refer to as a "dancing eagle" design due the the way the eagle sits on top of he globe. The ega is marked sterling on one wing, and 10k on the back of the anchor. I can find no other makers markings. 


Can anyone identify the maker on this one?


Finally, the spinner that came with this ega is very interesting. It is very light weight, and I suspect it is made of gold. The finish matches that of the anchor. On the front of the spinner I can see 1 (or I) -41. On the back is stamped The Victory  Pat Pend. Does that help to identify the maker? Is it possible this spinner belongs on another ega?


Thanks in advance for any assistance on this. Kevin 








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It's a 1920s pattern. I've always associated this one with the 1930s, it's a variant of the "Dancing Bird" emblem, but the poor detail of the eagle is reminiscent of Depression-era production


It's always possible the spinner is from a different maker, but this could be a Victory piece...as I've never seen this particular variant maker marked. Interesting sidenote is that Ellis emblems are believed to have been made by Victory as they have been found on Victory cards

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Thank you Brig I was really hoping you would weigh in. I remember that Ellis had a spinner with Victory on it as well, but they are dark bronze in color. Wish this one was bronze because my Ellis cap piece doesn’t have a marked spinner. Thanks again for the information, very helpful and much appreciated. 

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