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“FA” Dec 1901 .38 cal in original box.

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I have only slight interest in older issued cartridges but I couldn’t pass these up. I have seen .45 but not .38 in such good shape, no splits, superb markings- “F 12 01”. Picture tell all.379CEA74-358B-478A-8273-F7ECBBFE8E6F.jpeg.2794522173fdcd81a159a676ae28e8d6.jpeg18809276-41FA-44CA-845F-9AFD2FEA32F6.jpeg.2c069a772065d17c1d39c37a1c226f06.jpeg32A8B6BE-E11D-4C03-9300-5C3B3B16E380.jpeg.ecdbc67fde158aa6c3ebbdddf0d56042.jpeg66FAB09A-A8C3-4273-8E03-F97CEA6207B0.jpeg.73cc302ae0ca824d7f5a7384b07df287.jpeg

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Real nice, I think the FA rounds are harder to find. The bottom box has string tape while the top is just string sealed


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