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Help ID Early Campaign Hat

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I know its fIMG_5543.JPG.32dcd73a57c8560348ac6e033106d199.JPGIMG_5538.JPG.934227d1924ea7841119908c792525bf.JPGIMG_5537.JPG.2755444f063e93bb32851e5eec7fc84a.JPGIMG_5535.JPG.2bd19561a678faf10f3025c69414a312.JPGIMG_5542.JPG.06b4384ace5167065042c1abe751883b.JPGIMG_5544.JPG.cebf0ccc2bc7c75228ef17187afeef78.JPGrom before WWI after 1883 but would like to pin it down more. Its in excellent shape for age. Has the name LH Modis Sgt penciled inside leather sweat band THANKS

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With the five rows of stitching it looks like a M1911 Montana peak that has been re-shaped

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