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WWI Naval Aviator wing - Unknown pattern


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I present to the wingdings this new (to me) WWI naval aviator wing. 

Very interesting, highly detailed pattern that does not match any of the ones on Bob's website.

Unmarked. Heavy planchette. Blanchard or "Tiffany" clasp.

Unclear due to patina if this wing was originally silver or gold colored. I am leaning towards silver.

Strong arc shape.

Would love some input on who the manufacturer might have been...








Tod Rathbone
Rathbone Museum of WWII Aviation Uniforms and Insignia

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Real beauty!  Fantastic feather details.  Love those thick bars in the shield--very unusual!  I wish I could help on the maker...




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The pin, the catch and that shine on the back really remind me of the Tiffany army pilot I have...even the feathering, while different seems to have similar characteristics. Were the Tiffany wings made by a third party? Could this be one of theirs? ABN



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