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Great Named M-43 Field Jacket


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I got this jacket from Goodwill's online shop before 2020 ended. I was surprised when I had first saw it, and thought it might have been something that was used for reenactment since it looked barely used. I was happy to see that it was indeed real, having been made sometime in 1945, and having all the buttons in it to boot. Though I'm not sure about the patches, I very much like the U.S. Army Infantry School patch, though I do believe the jacket may have been used up until the early 50's, if the branch name tape is anything to go by. I've tried to see if I could find the veteran, but I haven't found anything so far. 








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The chevrons first were used in 1957 I believe. So this jacket is most likely used late-1950s to 1960s. M43 field jackets were very commonly reissued much later as there wasn’t too many significant differences between them and the later m50 and m51 field jackets.

Nice WW2 manufactured, post Korea used.


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Looks like I'll have to have my search be a bit later than I suspected. Thank you very much for the insight!

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