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Entrenching Tool Wood 1945 Mint looking.

The Rooster

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The Rooster

Although I have had a bunch of experience using various models of these E Tools building

fighting positions, I dont know anything about them collecting wise.

But this one looks like it was never used.

The case is made by the Handy Pad Supply Company

Date looks like 1945. Other than the green verdigris on the metal, it looks like it was not used.

And the Etool itself appears to be like it was never used either ?

Stamped WOOD 1945.

Not sure what I have here as far as collector desirability?

But I like it !

I was going to use this for digging etc in the yard but after looking at it,

I will leave it alone. I'l find another one for digging.

This came on a pack with a shelter half and poncho.











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I've never seen one with a hole in the end of the handle that was factory drilled. I suspect that it's been repainted. 

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The Rooster

Thats funny you mentioned the hole. Because After I posted the pics, I was looking at that hole and wondering to myself why the heck is that there?

I mean its not like you would hang it off your web gear with a rope......

And then I thought dummy cord?

It is possible it could pop out running or jumping if the flap became unsnapped. Dummy cord hole ?

So you think it was refurbed at some point ?

And the handle with the hole maybe for the civilian surplus market ?

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The Rooster

I did some checking and found the only E tool that had a hole in the end of the handle is the 1951 model with the folding pick.

But the hole in mine is not tapered and the handle its not really oval in shape, its round.... and the blade seems like its never been used...

So I guess its a weird one... with a repro handle ? Or maybe someone just drilled a hole in it?


The following paragraph refers to the 1951 model.

"The wooden handle was made thicker, with flatter sides, making it more oval than round.  A hole was drilled through the end as well.  None of the earlier US shovels had this feature and as far as I know, no lanyards were ever issued with them.  This is another design mystery with these shovels! "



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