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Named Civil War Sword 70th New York Infantry


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This M1850 Foot Officer’s Sword has engraving on the blade with the NY seal and engraved Benjamin Price on one side and New York to the other. Could this be the Captain Benjamin Price who served with the 70th New York Infantry or would this be the name of a Sword Distributor?












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Thanks. I thought it had something to do with a distributor or engraver of the blade.  I tried to find info on them, but found nothing. I was only googling “Benjamin Price” in quotes. I couldn’t make out the middle initial, maybe that’s why nothing came up. Thanks for the info!

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Funny that I can’t find out much about this firm. When I google it I do see old newspapers from 1861/62 having them listed a dealer in military good and located on Broadway, but nothing else

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Steve Rogers

I have some info on them I will dig out and post tomorrow. You will find information on them in Vol. 2 of Bazelon and McGuin. Check Nathan O. Benjamin and Virgil Price. After the split they each sold swords and military good on their own, but Price lasted much longer in the business, despite a bankruptcy filing. His main interest was in Masonic material and you will find his name on fraternal swords well after the Civil War. Benjamin was advertising for makers of sword parts right after the partnership dissolved and I can think of a couple of swords by him, but not many.

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