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WW I US Mirror Sighting Compass

Brian Keith

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Brian Keith

I got this compass not too long ago and thought it was a bit less common. It is not a type I’ve seen before. It is well built, seems to have some age on it and I didn’t think it was a repo or fantasy from China. It was made by Cruchon & Emons of Berne, Switzerland. Doing a bit of internet research, I find it likely was made mid to late 1918.

From an internet web site: December 19, 2013 by Craig B   

Cruchon & Emons Mirror Sighting Compass

This compass operates in a similar fashion to modern mirror-sighting baseplate compasses. One ring of indices on the dial is printed back-to-front and mirrored. To take a bearing, the user reads the mirrored bearing off the highly polished brass plate set into the lid.

Manufactured in Paris, France and in Berne, Switzerland by both Plan Ltd and Cruchon & Emons from 1915, the mirror sighting compass was never as well-regarded as the prismatic models. When introduced into US Army service in 1916, this mirror sighting compass was the most accurate marching compass ever fielded by US forces.

Thanks for looking comments welcome,






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Very nice, I have not seen this style of compass before. Thanks for posting.



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