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University of Wisconsin Hat Badges

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Fred Borgmann

As a collector of medals I tended not to pay much attention to hat badges but still managed to pick up a few over the years.  The first are a pre-WWI black  finished hat badge for the lower ranks and a gold finished one for officers  for the U of W Corps of Cadets which was before they became the R.O.T.C.   Next is a WWII era ROTC officers hat eagle badge.

Wis U of W Gd348.jpg

Wis U of W Gd350.jpg

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Very nice!  I don't generally collect University insignia but I do have some collar insignia that were my grandfathers when he was a student at the University of Illinois from 1914-18. I threw the watch in the picture as his fraternity brothers gave it to him and inscribed his name and other information on the back when he left the University in the Spring of '18 and joined the military:




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