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Official Unveiling of the 2021 Donor Icon!

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Most of you've probably already seen the new USMF DONOR ICON. It's right there, below each Donor Member's avatar, for all the world to see! You can't miss the classic WWII War Bond Drive Minuteman proudly announcing your support for our continued battle in favor of Free Information.

Since it appears on every post you make, as well as in a prominent place on your Profile page, it's a great way to spread the good work that's being done  here on USMF. This is what it looks like on a post (as demonstrated by the forum's PROLIFIC POSTER):




We've been working hard to come up with a great replacement for the old annual donor ribbons which are no longer supported by our upgraded software, and we're excited to unveil our new Donor Icon in time for the new year. The Forum Staff is excited about the advances being made here every day and would like to take this time to thank each and every donor for helping to keep our forums free!


Happy New Year from the Staff of USMF and WMF!



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