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Pat Tillman Memorial, New Almaden, San Jose, CA


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I took a quick trip to the New Almaden Mine park in south San Jose today and spotted this memorial to Pat Tillman near the trailhead.  I had forgotten that he grew up in this area.  Bless you, sir and thank you. 


No disrespect intended, but the photo is turning sideways no matter what I do.  



Tillman Memorial 2.jpg

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Very nice. He was a man who stepped up when the Nation was asking for volunteers and signed on the dotted line. No one would have thought lesser of him had he kept playing football. He excelled in the service and tragically lost his life. It is easy to arm-chair quarterback what happened, but when the crap hits the fan, crap happens. If you haven’t worn the uniform and been under fire, you just don't know. I spent some hours different times in the Pat Tillman USO at Bagram in Afghanistan.

Thanks for posting it. RIP Ranger!


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