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WW1 canteen/cover with writing, with WW2 canteen cup


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Found this canteen a while back, markings were still visible and was in good condition, had a ww2 canteen cup inside of it, with a 'W' etched in at the bottom. Was interested in the writing, though I'm unsure what it is meant to stand for, maybe a name and division?










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You have a very nice WW I, 1917 dated cover with the name, "Washington" on the botton and an other name on the inside left flap. Very often a soldier would write his name on these items he was responsible for. The canteen is also a WW I, 1918 dated piece made by Landers, Frariey, (SP?) and Clark. The cup is a WW II, 1944 dated example. No telling when these items all ended up together. It is not too likely they all ended up together while still owned by Uncle Sam.



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